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'85 Jeep CJ7
'76 CanAm
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'62 Duo

This little gem was bought cause a friend of mine needed some parts... and knew I was thinking of getting a bike. It was probably partly due to my friend Pat wanting me to stop riding and breaking his bikes... but that was never confirmed.

So we are out in the styx in rural NC and I mean styx. The guy we bought the load of parts and two "runners" from had a dirtbike "track" and live stock in what could be called the front yard of his mobile home sanctuary. I think I ended up saying sure IŽll pay half just to get back to campus.

Turned out it was a good thing we bought the "box of parts" since after some basic inspection, my crankcase was cracked and I had to buy most of the parts off of Pat... which mounted to I bought everything.

Had a great time with the bike and even managed to really screw up my right knee with it after it threw me off. The bike is way to large for me and I was sort of happy when the electronics failed. At least it is safer for me this way. I have since purchased a used magneto for it... and need to put it in... but would actually rather find it a good home and buy a XR200 from Honda.

Pat has since gone on to race motor cross on his off time and never rides a bike more then 2-3 years old. You should have seen what we used to do to his old Bultaco and his CanAms just to get one more weekend of riding out of them.


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