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While driving my GT6, I happened upon another Triumph. Once you've been infected with the dreaded British Sports car virus, it is very hard to become cured. I learned this from my father. The reason he had originally purchased the GT6 was because he was still infected from when he owned a Triumph Vitese.

So I saw a Triumph TR7 which has to be the most futuristic car ahead of its time I had ever seen. Referred to as the door stop, it had the same lines as, well a door stop.

This car was to become a great source of frustration for me. The restoration of the car originally took on the form of painting and cleaning up. This turned into a very painful and upsetting relationship with Aamco transmissions and also resulted in rebuilding the motor unnecessarily The engine rebuild led to learning more then I wanted to know about cylinder head dynamics between aluminum and cast iron and ultimately led to me trading the vehicle in to a local dealer for a very battered Jeep CJ7.

I will probably own a TR7 again in my lifetime. They are beautiful cars with great lines. The first thing I will do however is remove the motor and put in a small V6. The 4 cylinder motor bestowed on these cars in addition to the pollution control and the fact that my car was an automatic and had air conditioning....... was way to much for the little power plant.

I have picture of before and after of the car and will scan them.


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