'85 Jeep CJ7
'52 Comet
AMC Matador
Yamaha 440
Puch Moped
'68 Triumph
'76 Triumph
'85 Jeep CJ7
'76 CanAm
'85 Yamaha
'85 Kawasaki
'62 Duo

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This car was bought primarily cause I saw a basket case in the back of a dealers lot while shopping for a used car for my girlfriend. I feel in love with it at first sight.

In addition to this, my TR7 was getting boring and seemed to be somewhat stable. Stable enough to maybe even start and make it through a test drive from the salesperson. I gave it a shot. The salesman drove the TR7 and said he really liked it... said I did a nice job restoring it and was even surprised the air-conditioning worked ( I charged it a couple days before the test drive ). I test drove the Jeep with half the soft top blowing in the breeze and the bias ply tires wobbling everywhere and was hooked on 4x4s. And besides, I was getting to many speeding tickets with the little red sports cars... time to try something slower.

So, a month after I got the Jeep... I got another speeding ticket and had to go to driving school to keep my license. A little while after that... I made some mods to the Jeep which consisted of a new top, lift kit, BFGoodrich 32.50s and I was styling in my new babe magnet... so I thought. Which was actually interpreted as local dime a dozen red neck.

Ended up seizing the motor. I suspect I broke a connecting rod and didn't have the means to rebuild the motor. I had just moved to RI and didn't have the money or the garage to do it. I ended up trading the CJ in on a Tracker. Next to loosing the "funky moped" this was my second saddest automotive day.


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