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Started off as a perfectly harmless visit to a friends house for a little water sking. Little did I know by the end of the night, I would be the proud owner of a basket case Kawi 550 JetSki.

And basket case it was. Cracked engine case, messed up crank... time for another ground up resoration.

Original purchased price : $300

Total investment : Stopped counting after $3200.

Return on investment : A really fun money pit.

There are too many mods made to the Ski. Parts of the engine came from Group K in CA. They were shipped and modified by Tony Doukas Racing in Florida. They were shipped to RI and I did the rest of the ski.

I have been running it for a couple years now... without doing much to it. I never rebuilt the pump and suspect it is not utilizing anywhere near the horsepower the eninge has. Tends to spin wildley alot and doesnīt seem to ever "hook up". I have purchased a new impelor and have been meaning to rebuild the pump. Itīs on the list of projects for this winter.


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