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'52 Comet
AMC Matador
Yamaha 440
Puch Moped
'68 Triumph
'76 Triumph
'85 Jeep CJ7
'76 CanAm
'85 Yamaha
'85 Kawasaki
'62 Duo

Picked up this bike cause I couldn't find anywhere to ride my dirtbike in RI. A friend from work was getting divorced and needed to get rid of it. So I got it for cheap with a Shoei helmet and learned to ride street bikes.

Rode it for a while, and then crashed it after hitting a raccoon.

So now it was a fixer uper. Started by stripping all the printable surfaces off.. and repainting them with left over paint from the TR7. Then redid the fairing ( which was on the bike in the first place ) went through the carbs and electronics and put a new seat on it.

Good to go and thats the way it is today.  Needs new rubber and new exhaust but other then that it is still registered and insured. It needs to find a new home cause its not big enough for me and my Sig. other.

Thinking or repurposing the motor into a "go-kart" like vehicle. A really fast go-kart like vehicle... probably off road in nature.


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