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The Matador.....

Our ( my brother and my ) first car. To be more specific... more like my car. My brother wanted nothing to do with it. Having more sense then I ( he is older you know ) he couldn't see the virtue that such a beast might contain. Like taking your dearest 8 friends into a corn field to watch the stars and not having to worry that it wasn't made for off road use.

Restoration details.

Original price paid : $300 I believe... and that was cause we talked him down. Paid to a motorcycle shop in Rome NY.

All parts for restoration : Don's auto recycling.

List of parts :  front left quarter panel. Very strange... this was the only panel on the car that was rusted... believe it was a cheap replacement from an earlier incident.

Genuine Aphine Stereo... which at the time was thought to be an Alpine Stereo. Pays to know the correct spelling of stereo equipment.

New rear end... which turned out to be a limited slip diff... SCORE... as if the beast had the motor to do something with it... but proved to be very useful later in the corn fields.

Speakers... originally ripped out of stereo cabinet... leveraged from the Griffith´s house.... a pair of 15" full range speakers. I was the first kid on the block to rattle the chrome on the windows with bass. This combined with the glass packs ( mufflers .. or rather lack thereof )  and possibly the spinning tires later got me an "excessive noise" ticket from Rome's finest officers after a home football game..


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