Miller Passport

Picked up this little powerhouse to "weld faster". Used to run a Millermatic back in college and found it to be the best way to weld long beads in a hurry. Down side is that MIG sometimes throws on too much metal and frequently needs grinding to make it look presentable. I am getting my MIG welding skills back in gear... couple more projects and I should be back to my college days.

As a MIG welder, this model is awesome. Because its a inverter based unit, you can actually get a 180 Amps into a box that can be moved without asking your friends to help. I used to have a Century 120 Amp unit that was about 30% heavier and provided a fraction of the punch this thing does.  The total weight of the unit is just under 50 lbs.

So if you have the money and the need to be portable and run on 115v-230v without a big headache to switch (all you do is swap the receptacle/plug assembly which takes about 15 seconds)


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