Sand Blasting Cabinet

If you do alot of restoration and hate to spend hours cleaning off old rusted or painted parts, I highly recommend one of these. Uses alot of air and I should use it with an air dryer. Main complaints are, feed hose constantly clogs and has to be "blown empty and re-primed" and the window was very poorly protected with a thin film which came off and now the window can't be seen through. The lamp was useless so I mounted a fluorescent strip in there. I am also not crazy that the whole thing is made of plastic instead of steel but then again, it does not rust. I've used better ones which is why I still give the tool a thumbs up, but this rendition of the tool... leaves alot to be desired. I originally bought it without the vacuum. BAD IDEA.... if you plan to spend more the 10 minutes using it, you must get the vacuum.


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