Stainless Exhaust

Was very annoyed with breathing in the 2 stroke exhaust on my stand up which is normally exhausted right where this new manifold sits. When getting out of the water, the blue smoke ( richer mixture due to performance engine ) would blow right in my face. I got some stainless hand railing from my scrap guy and cut and welded this piece and the similar fitting that goes on the inside to attach the 3 foot "radiator hose" to pipe the exhaust fumes out the back. The aluminum ring on the end of the pipe is actually a barbed insert that is screwed to the stainless pipe and holds onto the radiator hose with a hose clamp. Turned out really nice since it also acted as a muffler to make the engine a bit quieter. Not something I was after.. but it made the owners of the houses that I ride near stop shaking their fists at me when I rode by.


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