Stepcraft is a CNC platform brought to the US in 2015 as a Kickstarter from Germany. Stepcraft had already been selling like crazy throughout Europe 2 years prior to coming to the US.

Sepcrafts's special sauce is that they have designed and built a CNC platform vs a single purpose built tool. So with their system, you are able to swap out the tool and have multiple CNC machines wrapped into one product with one piece of software to run it with.

Artsy Computing Services is a long time value add reseller (VAR) of Stepcraft because it combined many of the special tools used in the Imgineering field into a single economical solution. Since we use them so much in what we do, it would only be natural for us to resell them and do the education and integration work needed for customers to be successful with them.

Some links to showcase our Stepcraft work:

Stepcraft US corporate website. receives first Stepcraft.

Stepcraft 3D printing and printing something else.

Stepcraft cutting Aluminum

Stepcraft cutting air testing a 4 Axis part program.


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