Thickness Planner

The Delta thickness planner. I don't do much wood working but really feel more productive at it since I purchased the thickness planner and jointer. Having to purchase wood at the finished thickness is most annoying and being able to quickly remove surface defects and get to the exact thickness you want is very helpful. Downside to this tool... very few except for maybe it's weight. I wouldn't want it to be any lighter because that would cause other problems... you just need to realize that it's going to be a task to move it around the shop. The handle on the top is very well balanced and the foam grip makes moving it as good as it can be. I do recall one problem when I planned a board used for shaping cement ( yes I know... "what were you thinking" ... but hey, that's why they sell spare knives for it. ) I noticed that the lead screws were not that well protected from the exhaust. When the cement dust came out... it tended to make the lead screws not run as smoothly. After cleaning and re-greasing, she worked fine again.


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