VAR ( Value Add Reseller )

In the modern day world of buying products off the Internet, do you ever wish you could buy the product from a local reseller at the same price and have someone local that can help with install, setup, support and getting the solution up and running ?

If your the type of person that prefers to get the absolute lowest price and spend 10s or 100s of hours reading on line forums and waiting on the phone for tech support, than this service is not for you. ( however if you did buy somewhere else... we can still help you )

If you want to get up and running fast in a proven configuration by someone who uses the products you are buying, then we are the route for you.

Artsy Computing Services USES the products we implement. Since we it already, the implementation time is faster and the pitfalls can be eliminated.

We are currently resellers or provide services for:

StepCraft CNC Systems - A German CNC manufacturer that has a US office in CT.

VectricCNC Software - A company ou of the UK that makes great CNC software.

DeskProto CNC Software - A company out of the Netherlands specializing in 4th Axis software.


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